Our Approach to Health & Safety

The health, safety and security of our customers and employees is of utmost priority and is reflected in our attention to attractive store settings and robust operating practices.

We believe both customer and employee safety starts with bright, well-lit, modern facilities to promote a secure fueling, shopping and workplace experience. Our properties are well-maintained with clean aisles and workspaces free of obstructions. Store cleanliness is enforced at all locations, and we have implemented a standard operating procedure to ensure a consistent and unified approach to cleaning and sanitizing frequently used customer touchpoints.

Specific to food safety, we reinforce what we refer to as the Big 5 – proper handwashing; time and temperature control; cleaning and sanitizing; cross contamination; and use of chemical and personal protective equipment – with defined roles and expectations for all employees.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken additional measures to ensure the safest possible environment with procedures based on federal, state, local and industry guidelines and standards. We are also supporting customer and employee safety with options such as touch-free payments, drive-thru service and curbside and indoor pick-up at many of our store and restaurant locations.