Our Approach to the Environment

At Refuel, we recognize that even small actions can have big results. Our aim is to operate in a manner that takes into consideration the environmental impacts of our store footprint, the customer experience and fuel management – and to make changes both big and small.

Within our store footprint, we have converted our lighting from traditional incandescent to more energy efficient LED lights with the co-benefit of reduced emissions and lower costs. In addition, we are implementing recycling programs, where possible, to minimize cardboard and other waste.

We also look to enhance the customer experience by offering more sustainable products and services. This includes transitioning to more eco-friendly drink options with incentives for customers to use Refuel-branded refillable cups or personal containers.

Finally, our fuel management program emphasizes environmental measures to consistently meet or exceed regulatory compliance standards. And we don’t stop there – we are actively pursuing solar panels as an alternative energy source at select locations as well as exploring electric charging stations to keep pace with changes in transportation. Our goal is to continue to learn and evolve in ways expected by society, and in particular, our customers.