Unlimited Car Washes at Refuel

Keep that shine with one of our Car Wash Plans. Get unlimited washes with one of our plans. Subscribe to one of our plans below. Car washes only at the Daniel Island location.

When you purchase a wash plan we will process your order and you can come by the Daniel Island Refuel to pick up a special ID tag for your car. Once you have that all you have to do is visit our Refuel station on Daniel Island, pull up to the car wash and you’ll be scanned in right there. You no longer have to make a payment each time. So why not join our unlimited wash and pick a plan below. Click on the name of plan to see further details what the plan includes.

Featured Item

Fried Chicken

Come on by and get our fresh, fried chicken! No other place does it better than Refuel. We offer 2 piece dark at $3.89.